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DEXCO Handheld X ray system for multipurpose digital radiography

DEXCO does not limit its creative innovation and technology revolution to dental digital radiography systems. DEXCO presents multipurpose digital radiography system ADX6000 for covering almost all fields of everyday life for your convenience. It offers enhanced user interface with touch screen and external buttons incorporated in it. It has a flat panel sensor detector along with a window embedded main system.

The DEXCO ADX6000 handheld multipurpose digital radiography system,

  • Offers possibility of multiple tasks with one only one device,
  • Extremely light in weight as it weighs only 3.6 kg,
  • Easy to carry out with the provision of a handle for a stable handgrip for balancing the whole unit by one hand only,
  • Has a band leather grip for minimizing undue movement,
  • Presents USB ports interfaced for applying other devices,
  • Is available with a 4.8’’ TFT touch panel display and user friendly UI,
  • Provided with Bluetooth and Wi fi for wireless data transfer features,
  • Has a variable power setting incorporation for possibility of use for multiple purpose radiography,
  • Fully charged battery can make more than 200 shots.

DEXCO handheld X ray system ADX6000 has many applications,

  • Can be used for medical and veterinary purposes such as dental, orthopedics, first aid and cosmetic surgery procedures,
  • They are used for security check purposes,
  • They have applications for forensic checkups,
  • Can be used in military set ups and check points,
  • Can be used by airport security forces for checking the luggage of passengers,
  • Can be used for bag check by railway guards,
  • They can check fine details. For that reason, they are used for aircraft repair as they can even detect small cracks in the wings.

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